A Breezy and Chilly Fall Day

A few weeks ago, I had a fall family portrait session with a family of 3. It was a super long over due shoot as Dad bought the portrait session as a birthday gift for Mom in 2016(!). Finally, we were able to set a date and get their fall family portraits done. It was a few weeks ago, mid-November if I’m not mistaken, which was technically still Fall. I remember it was breezy and chilly that we could only stay outdoors for a few minutes at a time. Good thing the light was bright enough inside their home so both indoor and outdoor shots were done, thankfully. Handsome little guy was in his element and was a little firecracker. What made this session special is that we were able to get their pet in the shoot as well. Granted, he was walking very slow, looking sickly and tired. The first time I saw him, limping towards me, It broke my heart to be honest but I was keen on getting photos of the family together with their pet. I wanted them to have memories of their little pup that they can keep and treasure forever.

I just learned that their little four legged family member has crossed the rainbow bridge and my heart goes out to the family. They knew even back then that the time is almost near, that he was living on borrowed time and it was important to have the portrait session asap. Losing a pet is unbearable and painful but I hope the images I took will help them heal somewhat and provide them with special memories of their pet before his passing.

Here’s a few of my favorite images.