When is the best time for my baby to be photographed?

          I believe the best times to document your baby's early years are during milestone events such as when he/she has started holding his/her head up, sitting up, first teeth or first steps.  Newborns on the other hand, are best photographed during the first two weeks from birth date, the earlier the better.

When is the best time to have a maternity shoot?

          Maternity sessions are best held around the 7th or almost 8th month of pregnancy.  Or just about the time your belly will be fully pronounced and round, usually around the 3rd trimester.  Of course, mothers' bodies vary during the pregnancy cycle.  Basically, you really need to be showing BUT more importantly, still comfortable moving about.

How do we book a session?

          It is best to book your portrait session in advance.  The sooner the better so I can put you in my calendar already as I take only Saturday / Sunday appointments.  All you need to do is fill up my BOOKING FORM and I will get back to you ASAP to complete your booking.

          For Newborn sessions, I will hold a tentative spot for you in my calendar once you've given me your due date.  Once baby is born, we will then schedule the actual date.  I try to keep my schedule flexible to accommodate newborn sessions.

          Please note that all portrait session packages require a $100 non-refundable retainer within 5 days from invoice date to hold your spot.  This will be taken off your final session balance. I accept VENMO (preferred), PAYPAL, Cash and Personal Checks. 

How do we pay for our session?

          You can pay the balance of your session in full either before or on the day of the shoot itself.  I accept VENMO (preferred), PAYPAL, Cash and Personal Checks.  Any outstanding fees must be paid in order for your proofing gallery to be available.   The same forms of payment are accepted for paying the $100 retainer as well.  I will send you invoices for both with payment instructions.

I want a Fall session, when and where can we have a portrait session with all the beautiful fall colors?

          Fall portrait sessions are very popular and 9 times out of 10, we usually have it in Central Park, NYC.  Peak foliage occurs usually around early October to mid-November and it varies each year which means I have a very limited number of weekend bookings so best to reserve your spot ASAP!

Where is a good place to hold our portrait session?

          I am an on-location portrait photographer so any location you choose is my studio - indoor or outdoor.  I mostly work with natural light in surroundings that are comfortable and convenient to you. 

          Please note that ALL Newborn sessions are held in your home.

Do you travel?

          Yes!!! And I can meet you anywhere you want your session to be held.  I service most areas of New York City and Northern New Jersey.  I charge a small fee (.50c/mile) for areas farther than 30 miles round trip from 07013 plus any tolls or parking fees incurred.  There is NO travel fee for ANY NYC (Manhattan) location. 

          For locations out of state, across the country or some exotic Caribbean island (hint, hint),  you are responsible for all my travel costs, meals and accommodations.

What should we do to prepare for our portrait session?

          I only ask you to have fun during your portrait session.  No major preparations necessary as I want our session to be as natural and un-staged as possible.   Maybe a good night's sleep,  a light snack and don't forget to hydrate!  For Engagement or Maternity sessions, some ladies opt to get their hair/makeup/nails done and this is ok. 

          For Newborn sessions, I will send you a list of things to do prior to your session.        

Do you offer print or print products?

          Yes, I believe your photos are meant to be displayed as beautiful works of art in your homes or offices.  Print is NOT dead even in this digital age of social media and sharing.  I offer a wide array of print sizes and print products which you can easily order from me.  All prints are printed in a professional lab using professional paper and guarantee proper color calibration.

What should we wear?

          It is best that you and your family are in outfits that are fun and comfortable.  Try to coordinate your outfits without being too matchy-matchy.  Wearing one uniform or one color for all family members is tacky therefore, I will gladly help you in choosing outfits that will look best in photos.

          To make it easier, children should NOT wear the following:  any clothing with large logos or cartoon characters, adult-style clothing DO NOT look cute on kids, printed diapers, excessive hair and accessories and needless to say but let me stress, children should NOT wear make-up.

          For Maternity sessions ... moms should wear outfits that will show off their baby bump and bring a change of comfortable shoes.

          For Engagement sessions ... ladies, now is the time to wear that cute outfit and heels you've been dying to wear but have no occasion to wear it to.  Go all out!

Do you use props?

         I keep my sessions as simple as possible.  I also use whatever is available to me so please feel free to bring props that you would like to be included in your session to make it more special and unique to you.

          For Newborn sessions, I can bring options such as textured hats and throws/cloths but I have observed that most of my clients prefer using their own accessories or none at all and I have absolutely no problem with that.  My style is more documentary or candid as opposed to staged photos with busy backdrops and lots of props. I prefer to capture moments and family connections during your baby’s early days. Please note that If you want photos of your baby hanging or dangling from a prop, that is not my style therefore, I am not the photographer for you.

Can we include our family pets in our portrait session?

          Absolutely!  All four legged family members or even feathered friends are welcome to join in.  Well, except cats as I am extremely allergic to them.  If you really must have your feline family member in the shoot, I'm happy to say that you have a 5 minute window before I start wheezing and sneezing. 

What if we have to cancel a scheduled session?

          If you have to cancel for any reason, we can postpone your session to another date and time keeping in mind that it will be dependent on my availability as well.  Any retainer paid is non-refundable and only applicable to your initial scheduled date. Any subsequent date rescheduled will require another retainer to be paid to secure that date.

What if it rains?

          Unfortunately, Mother Nature at times dictates the outcome of a portrait session.  If weather does not permit, we can either hold your session indoors or schedule a rain date that works for both of us. Any retainer paid is non-refundable but can be applied towards the rain date.

What happens after the portrait session?

          Hang tight and I will deliver your private online proofing gallery of about 35-50 expertly edited digital images within 2-3 weeks from shoot date.   You will then choose up to 25 digital images to download (I will send you a download link) and printable up to 8x12 @ 300 dpi.  You also have the option of purchasing your entire gallery for an additional fee.

Will you give us the RAW image files so I can edit them however I please?

           What you get is a curated, expertly edited collection of your best images.  So no, I do not and will not give out RAW, unedited files. No exceptions.  Have you ever gone to a bakery and asked to pay for the raw ingredients so you can bake the cake yourself at home?

What is a Portrait Agreement form?

          In order to avail of my portrait services, I require a Portrait Agreement form signed by a parent or guardian at least 18 years of age for EACH person participating in the shoot.  This allows me to use your photos on my social media sites, website, blog or any marketing materials to promote my brand. 

Will you sell our photos to third parties?

          No, no ... absolutely NOT!

What is your refund or return policy?

          Due to the nature of the items and services purchased, session fees, prints and other services or fees are non-refundable and cannot be returned.

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